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"Those who stand for nothing, fall for everything." - Anonymous

Here at Matomo, we stand for privacy, 100% data ownership and empowering you to take back control of your info.

As a web analytics platform, we feel this is crucial. More on our values:

You are interested in @Matomo and live in or around Austria?
The come to the Grazer Linuxtage next Weekend!
Besides more than 60 other workshops and talks I'll be demonstrating Matomo for beginners and experts and will give you the chance to talk to other people interested in #Matomo.

I'm looking forward to seeing you!


Free plugin alert: Live Tab! Keep an eye on the no. of live visitors in your browser tab and get info like: no. of visits, actions, unique visitors or converted goals. Developed by our very own, Thomas Steur (@tsteur).

Get it free at the Matomo Marketplace:

Free community-created plugin alert: The Classic Counter!

No website is complete without a nostalgic view counter at the bottom of the homepage. Built by Lukas Winkler (@Lukas)!

Get yours now for free at the Matomo Marketplace:

Need to create another super secure password?!

One of our awesome developers, Lukas (@lw1_at) has created Password Verifier, a bonus security feature that helps you make sure your passwords are secure.

Get it for free at the Matomo Marketplace:

Hey guys! If you're wondering why your website community isn't growing, one of the reasons could be due to people abandoning your sign-up and contact forms.

We have a feature where you can learn first-hand what's going wrong.

Form Analytics helps you identify and fix pain points in your online forms so you can hopefully grow and spread useful content to more people. Learn more here:

Hey guys! The new Environment Variables plugin has been released 🎉🎉.

Read more and download here:

Hey everyone, Matomo 3.8.1 is out now! This should fix a few bugs and other minor issues. Please read through the changelog for updates:

Hey guys! If you're using On-Premise we'd love to hear from you 💪. We want to make sure you can always rely on your data, so would like to get feedback on your support needs and how we can best serve you, our Matomo community.

Please take part!

Hey everyone! We’re delighted to announce Matomo 3.8.0 is now available 🎉. There are a lot of improvements in security, performance and usability and we’re proud to share this with you! Read more here:

Hey everyone! A message from the team here at Matomo 🎁🎄

Matomo Tag Manager is out of beta and available in Matomo 3.7.0. for free 🎉. If you guys have Matomo installed, update to this latest version and Tag Manager is yours to own 😎

This is such a huge milestone for us so we'd like to thank all people involved who gave feedback and supported this project.

This is amazing! Congrats to the Government of Canada for making a vital component of their IT directives 🎉. Good job to all involved in making this historic moment happen. A collective standing ovation from the team here at Matomo Analytics 👏👏👏

Hi guys! You might've noticed we try to clarify between cloud hosting vs on-premise hosting on the new site. It's pretty uncommon for web analytics tools to offer two options, so if you're wondering what's the best option for you, have a quick look here:

After months of careful planning the day is finally here, our new website is live 🚀💃🎉🕺

We'd love for you guys to see it. You'll notice a few things have changed, while the rest remain the same. Have a look and let us know what you think!

Un cookie fait son apparition sur Reflets -

@Matomo en place chez @reflets. Si vous voulez une idée de vos stats, c'est cet outil qu'il vous faut :)

#reflets #Matomo #Piwik

Matomo - self-hosted free software Web & Mobile Analytics Software - Matomo is the only analytics platform that gives you full control over your data and more:

Free open-source software
100% data ownership
User privacy protection
User-centric insights
Customisable and extensible
Easy to use
No data limits

Hi everyone! Following on from our rename and new logo, we've been thinking a lot about the feedback you've given us and reflected on where we want to go. So, where are we heading? Well at the heart of it nothing is changing but you may notice we have a new story to tell ...

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