Can I just include anime and cold brew coffee on my acknowledgements?

Want to play three quick games (some designed by humans, some by AI) and help me finish my thesis? Take part in this quick (~15 min) study!

Not to brag but I have the 285th best selling tabletop game on itch rn. 😎 👍 :thinkerguns:

Just got to play the latest version of fadingroots' (not on mastodon) EXODUS. Game of trans angels on the run in a fascist dystopia. It's a really beautiful experience, highly recommended.

Me: Ah it sure is nice to have time to clean
Me: You gotta work on your thesis
Me: Haha yeah just love to clean!

Finally uploaded my 1-page TTRPG about giant monster battles up on itch with some changes based on playtests!

Submitted a game to the ! Introducing Rules Lawyer, a competitive game of magical rule generation and argumentation.

Frog Detective 1 had some of the best games writing I'd ever seen, SO pumped for the sequel.

I made a game for !

The Junkyard: Play as a group of children exploring a junkyard, trying to piece together a broken mech and the story of how it got there.

KH3 sure does only have one original 2D world huh? Some mixture of popularity, recency, and ease of transfer I guess.

The Second Knowledge Extraction from Games workshop was a big success, thanks to @MatthewGuz and Sam Snodgrass!

Archival papers:
Presentations (morning):
Presentations: (afternoon):

Here’s looking forward to the next one! We’re also looking for more reviewing and organizing help next time around.

I’m looking to contract somebodies to make 2D game assets (sprites, tiles, animations, etc) and sfx/music for a mixed top scrolling shooter/side scrolling platformer tutorial game for a 2D game engine development class. These somebodies would keep copyright, but I’d ask for the assets to be licensed for use in free/OSS games.

Especially seeking underrepresented folks!

Hey, just putting this out there: I’m a CS PhD happy to do low pressure mentoring for anybody interested in general programming, AI, game development, emacs, CS research reading and writing, whatever! Via mastodon, matrix, or email is fine.

Accepted papers (and paper summaries!) for the Knowledge Extraction from Games Workshop now online!

I'm still looking for 1-2 more folks interested in a paid contract to build a small platformer game prototype for a research study. If you're interested or know someone who might be, please contact me!

CS Faculty Application season has truly kicked off and I just live with constant anxiety now.

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