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PRINSEN (the prince) IS SO CUTE!!!!! My face softens when he melts me with his cuteness!!

rly wanted to post this yesterday but wanted to wait for

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[1] Hey everybody! This is my post! How I came here!

I heard of this platform through @emerican. Other than them I like watching Thought Slime, Contrapoints and PhilosophyTube for some political/philosophical stuff.

As far as social media is concerned I was on a platform called Diaspora for a bit. Didn't really stick with me but my dislike for Facebook has, so my continued search led me here. Hoping to find some communities here!

Yesterday was the 50 year anniversary of the mine-strike in Kiruna.

It was a strong statement against the passive union that was supposed to represent the workers, who hindered more than helped when the workers had demands for better working conditions.

The strike included thousands of workers, until the 4th of february.

It inspired many other strikes and I will let these 56 days remaining until february 4 be an especially inspiring time for me, where I remember to always resist the bosses.

music that you hear your neighbour listening to and you think "what kind of stupid person is it who is listening to this piece of shit?".

Feels like I'm listening to that now

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Getting more angry with age (government, cops, capitalism)

Getting more loving with age (friends, hobbies, strangers)

There's a "Youtube walkout" today to the 12th. You can read about it if you want. You can avoid youtube if you want.

Think it was provoked because youtube updated their terms of service to allow them to delete any account for whatever reason they wanted (I thought they already could though?)

Listenin to the slappin' music of the NES game Bucky O'Hare. Final boss theme is rocking some mean drums. Sounds like d-beat

Using up art supplies can have a nice feeling to it. Feeling like I'm making something. Just looking at the thing I made should be enough but apparently not. :)

Image Description:
Red graffiti tag on a beige brick wall.
Mounted on the wall, in the middle of the tag is a electronic car batterycharger.
I just love the blend.

NOT putting on lipstick when my ex is coming over to talk
NOT putting on lipstick when my ex is coming over to talk
NOT putting on lipstick when my ex is coming over to talk
NOT putting on lipstick when my ex is coming over to talk

What band name do you like the most?

I really love "Life.. but how to live it?" from Norway. :)

So happy a lot of people like Lizzo. It's prolly the mainstream artist that I like the most. :)

Anarchist bookfare this weekend in the town I live in.
It was da fucking bomb. :)

Tonite I'm wearing lipstick and dancing like nobody is watching!

Relationship posting 

This video came up when doing danceoke this weekend.

I wanna learn it, it's so cool! Found the actual film, but not with subtitles :/

In a fb group for posting pics of weird things someone posted this.

It was in a hospital. I like it

Police = Bad :( Free Hong Kong. And like... Bolivia, Palestine and Rojava and many other places! Really like you peeps I want you to be safe

I have to cancel. my comp is crashing because of my recording program :(

In an hour I'll be attempting to beat 10 games for the Game Boy in a row!
It's part of a race called Tiny Ten #10!

4 of em' are: Mega Man IV, Fish Dude, Mulan and Bonk's Adventure!

Inom en timme, kl 19, kommer jag försöka klara ut 10 Game Boy spel på raken!

Det är en del av Tiny Ten #10, 4 av spelen är Mega Man IV, Fish Dude, Mulan och Bonk's Adventure!

Titta på eller chatta med mig/watch me:

Officiell stream:

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