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"a lot wants more" is a swedish expression. There are some protests going on right now north of sweden where the states foresting company wants to clearcut some natural forest. Sweden has very very little natural forest left and with the crowns history in the north of Sweden. Big props to everyone making their voices heard and forwarding the opinion of people like me that can't be there. I have a link but all txt seems to be in swedouche

I writing some page about good bands that risk being forgotten. One of em' is Ume post-punk (or doomsday pop) band called Skelett (means skeleton btw).

They had a very energetic live performace with the singer drinking their water from a teapot and spilling all over themselves. Very catchy and atmospheric.


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Wanna try finish my third fanzine before my first year of art school is over. cuz I'm not starting again in autumn so this is my last chance in a while to have FREE COLOR PRINTING.

Wanna make it about stuff I've been up to and whatever else funny I can write about all the pics I have on my comp.


My 400th toot!
How to dance breakcore? While eating a foodbox?
(me dancing to Forcefeeded - All my life I've been alright now I'm thinking what the hell)

Update on the punkhouse situation in Luleå, Sweden. A contract for a new venue is signed! 1 of may we move in.

Punk lives on, for now!

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please hit me up if you also play and want to chat! :D

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I play old school runescape now. :) Since like a week ago. We'll see how long it lasts.

Carousell-hardcore from Gävle mixing blastbeats with the slow bits in this new music video. I've seen them a few times and they're really fucking good. They did some touring before the virus so maybe they will after. It's so great to see bands producing, ensures me that there still are active bands that are going to play when we can do it safely.


Hey I got here as fast as I could. Here is the music channel with focus on Skellefteå (Sweden), dated roughly between mid 90s to mid 00s with a decent bit of punk that you asked for.

Gonna make 1k+ marzipan pigs with some ppl from school this weekend. To sell for a trip with the art school (whenever we'd be able to go on that). Gunna be hard work

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I played exactly one pickup tabletop game at a game store, ever

a guy got mad at me for using NSEW directions on a map in a fantasy setting because “they’d have different names for it” so I scribbled some shit and handed him a map that had the directions:

South (pronounced “sooth”)

he gave me the world’s dirtiest look and 5 minutes later when I described something as being “about ten bmiles morth by morthsqueast of here” he left the table and walked out of the shop

I never saw him again

Mob 47 uses a snare drum with those strings underneath detached.
They probably did because the drummer is playing the d-beat on the crash.. think, I mean it's noisy as fuck at least.
To add to that the guitar is very noisy too, so that's prolly why. Maybe it's more common in hardcore than what I've thought, but still.
This was the snog that made me stink about it:

Hehe my friend from another town has been visiting me a couple of times recently, so they've been on my computer and stuff.. I found this meme that they left on my computer without saying anything. Such a lovely present. ❤

exactly now my first autumn break since 2009 started. Didn't think I was gonna get to experience it. Feels good!

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Omg... Pokémon Liberation Army. I wanna link it to someone because I'm chuckling in shock and awe but I dunno who to send it to. @pesthunden

Föreningsgatan 7, a punk venue in Luleå, north of Sweden is gonna close after 13 years.

Easy to be scared of the risk of being without a venue since that kind of politics sucks, but we'll see.

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