One of the reasons I struggle with writing notes and articles for my blog on a regular basis is the fact that I don’t know who I’m writing for. (That, and an unhealthy mix of impostor syndrome.)

Who reads my content? For which audience do or should I write? Who even cares about the things I think about? Do my ramblings make any iota of meaningful difference in the world?

This thinking isn’t helpful. It’s the opposite. I can feel how it blocks my mind.

That’s why I…


@isellsoap I tried blogging for a while and came up with the same exact dilemmas you are dealing with. I like writing, but didn't know who I was writing to or for. I got some advise from a seasoned blogger once. She said: "write just for yourself".

I started doing that and as I found I liked to travel I just started writing about traveling. I"ve been away from it for a bit, but will get back to writing again. When I decided to just write for myself, I found it very therapeutic.

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