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2016: Hillary Clinton loses while trying to raise the debate.

2020: Joe Biden tries to win by putting himself at Trump's level.


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Apparently, I did really well !

1st Trump-Biden debate. Society of spectacle, buzz and controversy. Ideas don't count anymore, you just have to talk.

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No, I didn't watch the debate.
Why ? Because I think I'd have never seen a most shitty debate than this one when I read the Tweets about it !

In 1951, a 66 year old man wasn’t allowed to enter a 1800km (1118 miles) long bicycle race because of being "too old". He showed up anyways and won the race by biking for days without sleep. He got the nickname ”Grandpa Steel”.

Humans create tradition, we—as individuals, family members, and as communities—choose to give meaning and structure, defining rituals and ceremonies; we generate culture through our words and actions every day.

As such, we are fully within our rights to change, demolish and create new traditions.

Does observing some so-called “way of doing things” not feel right? That’s your gut telling you it’s time for change. And it’s 100% valid. 1/4

Who paid less taxes than Trump in 2016 and why Amazon ?

I think it's time to toot about it, now.

So, what do you think about the movie Tenet ? ;)

COVID-19 in Iceland: Violated Isolation and Infected Over 100

Around 100 domestic cases of COVID-19 that have arisen in Iceland the past few days can be traced to a pair of French tourists that came to the country in mid-August ...

The infected count is now 400 per Worldometers. At a 4% global mortality rate, 16 are likely to die These are at the least negligent homicides if not premeditated murder.

I found myself recently attempting to explain to someone who seems strongly motivated not to understand the principle that a crisis can be both enduring and critical, in answer to the false assertion that “ongoing crises are not emergencies.”

Iceland proves my point. As has New Zealand recently:

This thing is with us until it isn’t. Covid operates on its own schedule, not ours. People not being selfish idiots would help one fucking hell of a lot to speed the process and lower risks, deaths, and costs, however.

#covid19 #iceland #france #tourism #covidiots #murder

Oh God, I really think I'm living into the stupidest country in the world !

A few weeks ago, and a few others mentioned that you can get a HDMI -> USB Capture device for around 10 Euros. I now keep one in my Raspberry Pi box, to easily debug one without needing to rewire my monitor or get a second one. 10 Euros well spent.

Do you remenber when we were running to buy pasta and toilet papers at the beginning of the year because of the Coronavirus and how we are now ?
What a time !!

Just changed my profile pic because the other one was a bit old.

Well, on this one it sounds like I'm a child 😅

I'm gonna restart to work on a desk on October 5.
I'm gonna pray not to have the Corona 2 days later 😬

Hello I'm back.

I'm sorry, because I haven't been here since a while, but I have many things to do that it's hard to have a bit of time

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