Hey any #Spanish speakers wanna take a turn running twitter.com/fedisupport? There are thousands of people trying to figure this place out and they are currently asking about it on twitter. #Fediverse #Mastodon #MastoDev #HelpWanted #YoMigroaMastodon #HablasEspañol

@Maximusblack Would you like to help answer random questions about how to use this place on twitter?

@Maximusblack It could be simple things like explaining that there are lots of instances to choose from or that all the mobile apps have different names like Fedilab and Toot and are not just called Mastodon

Have a look into this rather old FAQ for GNU Social https://quitter.pw/doc/faq anc check if it is still usefull. If so, I have a Spanish translation of it as .doc that could be put into an etherpad an dlinked to.
I just saw that "The Unofficial GNU Social Manuals" (documentation for users and admins) is still online, avaliable in English and Spanish:


It's still the best manual / FAQ for GNU Social, IMO: precise language w/o being too technical, a lot of screenshots (perhaps difficutlt to tackle with for those interested in Mastodon).

Have a look and perhaps get https://twitter.com/fedisupport link to general answers in that docu for the most common questions.

@simsa03 Gnu Social doesnt federate with most of the fediverse anymore sadly so I am not personally interested in sharing much k formation to new folks about it. I think its a bit too confusing to new folks to have to remember what old stuff doesn’t work with the new stuff.

Yes, I can relate to that. (Although the federation issue for GS is less due to GS but for other platforms abandoning oastatus-support.)

@simsa03 I would argue its due to GS not being actively developed.

Would that prevent other platforms from keeping oastatus support?

@simsa03 Activitypub is the direct descendant of Ostatus. A Mastodon had a tons of extra complexity to support both so ostatus was removed. Pleroma has announced a similar move. Having to support multiple federation protocols significantly makes development harder.

I've been aware of this, and if it's the complexity on Mastodon's (or Pleroma's) side that makes it harder for Mastodon (Pleroma) to support several protocols, then that doesn't seem to be the fault either of GS or GS keeping Oastatus. But be it as it may, this is water under the bridge as decisions have already been made and GS seems to develop Activiypub support in order for it to be part of the federation..

@simsa03 Many things are useful but many outdated. We should probably update it with current information if we were to try to share it to new comers

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