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Rajasthan local body election final results.

Total seats-2105








The one in thousands "Mr. Hazare" is and will be the murderer of millions of dreams and responsible for the bags full of jhumlas.

You will never be forgiven

You sold lies, deceit. You thrust bigots and fascists on us without even thinking what will be the consequences of this

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HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal not being able to come out of venue

Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal is not being able to come out of the venue and the police are requesting the students to let him go. The police are requesting the students to let him go.

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Tipu Sultan championed the conservation of Amrit Mahal breed

Tipu not only gave the name to the breed but also drafted regulations for its welfare which is followed even today

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As long as I remain suspended on the bird site, you are authorised to plagiarise my toots here to tweet there. You may give me credit if you so feel like, but that's optional

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All the Mastodon Instances that together form the entire 'Mastodon Galaxy' are part of something much bigger called the #Fediverse.

Apart of Mastodon there are many other free platforms. Some of them, like #Pleroma or #Misskey are also similsr to Twitter but others are very diffetent.

#PixelFed is similar to Instagram
#PeerTube is similar to Youtube
#Friendica is similar to Facebook
#FunkWhale is sumilar ti Soundcloud
#Writely and #Plume are blogging platforms
#Hubzilla is a powerful.multi-functional platform
And there are more...

All of them, like Mastodon don't have a unique central server but are a 'Galaxy' of many Instances.

You can choose between different PixelFed Instances and so on...

But ALL these platforms ('Galaxies') interact with each other forming the Fediverse.

What does that mean?


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Iska kuch nahi hosakta.... Koi nai paaji pump ukhadke le aana

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I heard Mastodon is becoming popular in India now, that is great news. Welcome everyone

trending and how happy i am to be here... Follow each other guys


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