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Yeah, it be like that sometimes. Seriously, I feel like I’m having to work harder than ever to even get my stuff SEEN and I’m tired. I hate retweeting, I hate feeling like I’m spamming with art (I know that’s what you’re here for), but I guess that’s the nature of the beast now.

A Random Acquaintance: Damn why is it that [insert minor societal grievance] happens

different flavors of mayo but they are making one hellava point about social constructs / re: race 

sometimes i send people a picture of some wheat with a couple of dollar bills on it and say "if you know what i mean". i don't mean anything by this

Forum drama 

My greatest success (future) will be figuring out how to have a beer during lunch.

The Belgian way of life.

@garfiald *guy who definitely understand kegel* what if you had pussy but stronger and more powerful

the doctor: bam shapiro isnt real, he cant hurt you
bam shapiro:

346,993 accounts
+13 in the last hour
+337 in the last day
+2,408 in the last week

A quote from Karl Marx. The quote reads: Fuck misogyny. I love surreal meams!

I had to improvise because it only came with 3 🅱️s and almost ran out of O's

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