So in theory someone could make a Talking Time "instance"? What would be the advantage to that?

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@McClain The local timeline would be all talking time peeps and the Federated Timeline would be only people followed by Talking Time peeps.
And everyone would have a nifty instance name!

@poetfox But someone has to actually run a server, right? It's not like someone can just set it up on the website or something.

@McClain Yeah, someone would have to run the server.

@poetfox also I have no idea how the timelines for this thing works, LOL

@McClain Home is like your Twitter feed back in the good days. Just the people you follow in order.
Local is the people on your instance (you're on a huge one so that's probably a lot of people!)
Federated is everyone everyone on your instance follows. (again, quite a lot in your instance!)

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