I saw one of these around :3

Would you like to ?

Imagine being the only person you know who is into pansori XD. I kinda just don't want to annoy my Korean friends with bursting about "old people music"

I made the biggest part of my creations freely playbale and downloadable online : pico8.retroactive.me


Twitter natively will be part of the fediverse

How are you?

Middle European peepos!
Would you be interested in a web comic
About Czech,Slovak and Austrian, Hungarian popculture? Like making those sewer jokes just we understand about our crappy lifes?

Retweet for better results pliz

It makes you think... :blobfoxthinksmirk:

The deciding shall begin :blobpolice:

Would you be writing or reading poetry if the medium would have a nice and fresh platform or at least try it out?


Is there any book about Japanese dating etiquette? It can be also in Japanese.

日本のデートのエチケットに関する本はありますか? :blobreach:

Should I dress like Yoshikage Kira to my prom night?

Important question

It's the second round :blobcat:

Apple makes diamonds. Steve Jobs were the pressure.

Choosing time :blobcatpawmean:

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