राम राज्य!

The families of juveniles being detained by the Jammu and Kashmir Police in Srinagar have alleged that authorities are not only picking up their children but are also making them pay for the meals that are served to their wards while in custody

खामोशी बुजदिली नहीं,
टकराव में ही रहें जरुरी नहीं।

करेंगे कौम-देश के बहुतेरे काम महत्वपूर्ण,
फिर से सजाएंगे खुशियों की बगिया संपूर्ण।

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कहने को बहुत है पर किससे कहें हम,
मुश्किल दौर है बेहतर चुप ही रहें हम।

**How did the fall of the Berlin Wall impact Germans of colour?**

"Non-white Germans say their euphoria over unification was short lived as racist dynamic unfolded after historic event."


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Still learning how to get used to this new platform. Will add ppl once I'm done learning..

"What India has done is commit a MASSIVE THEFT OF PEOPLE'S PROERTY.. a shocking move for a democratically elected govt.. SICKENING & IMMORAL" :
Forbes on in 2017

तो अंधभक्तों बजाओ ताली।
तुम्हारे पापा ने भारत की वाट लगा दी है।

India’s credit ratings outlook was cut to negative from stable by Moody’s Investors Service.


"The most striking feature of demonetisation was the breathtaking scale of the blunder. Given the fact that the move was undertaken without consultation with experts at any institutional level, the buck stops clearly with Modi.
While the trauma that the vast majority of Indians, especially the poor and the marginalised, experienced has been fairly well documented, its undermining of key Indian institutions has not been appreciated"


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BJP spent 27000 Crores! Congress spent 820 Crores. The @timesofindia@twitter.com a major recipient of the BJP loot & a vital cog in the a la Goebbels Propaganda machinery of BJP India can't help smirking. They had to annotate the "cash strapped " jibe. 27000 pales in comparison to 820.

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Do Google map revealed
Why Love brought us here 😂

यह कहां ले आया मोदी हमें...

Moody’s Investors Service cut India’s credit rating outlook to negative, citing a litany of problems from a worsening shadow banking crunch and a prolonged slowdown in the economy to rising public debt.


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The @ECISVEEP@twitter.com has no issues on the BJP India delaying & thus cooking the books further.

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Block ka kya scene hai?
Modi abhi bhi kala dhan nahi diya na is platform ko?
Par panauti jab join karega to block kar paonga na 🙏🙏🙏

Referring to the little bit spiritual knowledge I have let me tell u, buy selling Lakshmi u won't achieve Lakshmi. Gold is not just a materialistic resource.
I just hope this govt dosen't claim Pakistan looted India, when they fail in 2024.
Sab changa si😠

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