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My encryption article is READY. look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair:

I wrote an open/free guide for to help other developers.

Can't wait to share it with you! 😁

FediDB will only succeed with the support of other implementations.

I look forward to working with other implementations to steward the project in the right direction!

Radiooooo — the musical time machine

Check out what was popular on the radio in different countries in different decades!

Anyone here interested in working together (me: UX, you: code) to build a new Appointments / Calendly-like app for #Nextcloud? The existing one is flawed to the point of unusability. #OpenSourceDesign #DesignLibre

ActivityPub can be confusing and/or hard to test or develop against.

I started a new side project called FediDB to help Pixelfed and other implementations debug federation issues.

It will be launching soon, need to test DMs and Federated Stories in Pixelfed 😅

I'm eager to work with other projects on this!

We redesigned the landing page, it will be rolling out in the next release!

Some highlights:

- Cleaner Design
- Easy Customization
- Timeline Preview
- Instance Stats
- Feature list
- Improved register process + spam detection
- New Discover Feature

and much more!

Discourse ( is looking for #accessibility guidance

> Ideally, we would love to start a long-term, paid engagement with someone that actively uses Discourse - we're looking for continuous feedback from you and we're willing to put in the work required to make improvements based on your recommendations.

Diaspora Finally Merges in Developer API

After many years of development, the Diaspora project finally merged in an API for third-party clients!

We're getting there; today's
@kde Neon OS image for the #PinePhone features ~10 hours of battery life! Further power efficiency improvements are expected soon™. If you've got a BH phone then give it a spin. Link:


Security fix: statuses with visibility marked unlisted, private, and direct could be displayed publicly.

Please update all versions to 0.10.3

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