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Is there a good guide for getting started with digital music making on Linux? And information about getting started making music in general? My budget for learning materials is $0

i saw a really good programming joke one time like

"one of the hardest things to get used to when i got a job in the US (i'm from canada) was that boolean properties have the "is" prefix, e.g. object.isVisible. i'm used to the "eh" suffix, object.visibleEh"

We've just published a new blog post "Why are we building yet another (federated) todo list app?"
#valueflows #nlnet #project-coordination #forgefed

@MediaFormat We're working on it! Have a look at a sneak preview on our testing environment:

It will probably take a while until it's ready for production, we're still investigating an issue with some repos not being indexed properly.

Seriously, though, count the sheer amount of platforms there are:

Fucking seven of them.

And make no mistake, each phase has provided groundbreaking results to how it all works underneath the hood. The guy has largely single-handedly developed a self-healing DNS-agnostic network that allows users to create relays of themselves across multiple domains, with an elaborate permissions system and every feature you could find from most social networks, and it still doesn't get adopted into most fediverse platforms, plus cloud storage and file syncronization and calendars and all kinds of other stuff.

It's astonishing, fascinating, and intensely frustrating.
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still a lot of work to do, but I finally managed to follow a Mastodon user with a account, yay !

I am leaning towards a widget (JavaScrip app) that could serve to bridge these as well as writing, replying, liking and reposting. All the regular things, not to mention blocking, reporting, etc.

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Coming back to the design question.

The UX issue becomes how to have a proper activity stream unifying these two types of content within a experience?

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So an alternative vision would be to leave comments for public things. And use a custom post type for any non public activities.

A custom post type which is hierarchical solves many issues because the posts can effectively create threads.

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Replying to an unapproved comment in WP will result in an error (the parent comment id is not legit).

There is also a certain courtesy in replying with the same audience, so ‘followers only’ as well, or DM if that is the case.

This is where using the comment system has limitations. If comment visibility/audience is incorporated here, it becomes a big hack.

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For example, a public ActivityPub comment on a public article is fine, Wordpress handles comments quite well.

Now say a ‘followers only’ note is left on a public article. Fine, the comment is displayed in the backend only. It should also only display for the article author, and we would want to remove the ‘approve comment’ action, because it is not public.

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One of the design issues I’m facing with Wordpress development is having message threads be both à la WP, and the UX of messages with different audiences.

Still unpacking boxes, not even finished setting up, but the urge to continue WordPress ActivityPub development is strong!

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I've not been web developing nor even giving myself time to think about development in the last few months

I changed jobs, changed type of job, and moved 3500km to a new city


Esteemed Fediverse.

Your friendly European Union wants to listen to you.

Which values in the digital sphere are important to you?

Take part in the public consultation. Define your digital principles and guide the EU in designing digital rules and regulations that deliver the benefits of digitalisation for all humans.
--> “Public consultation on a set of European Digital Principles”

As you may know, @NGIZero is a collaborative effort to support #opensource & #openhardware projects with funding from the European Next Generation Internet program. Should your project not fit with our calls (search, privacy enhancing tech and digital assurances), check out other open NGI funding calls (for distributed ledger tech, federated testbeds, collaboration with teams abroad (specifically US)). Learn more at the NGI Q&A webinar this Monday July 12th ->

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