@davidoclubb so far only PeerTube widgets are instance independent. Masto and Pixelfed work are limited to 1 account each.

@davidoclubb I haven’t built-in support yet, as I wasn’t sure if anyone would need it, but it would be possible. Also considering per user settings for Gutenberg blocks.

@davidoclubb would that be to connect multiple users to their masto accounts?

@MediaFormat it would be to be able to display feeds from both pixelfed and Mastodon on a single WordPress site 🤗

@MediaFormat Hello. I have installed and activated the plugin but it doesn't recognise instances in the Settings panel O_o What I'm doing wrong?

@iulius Hi, would you be able to send me a DM, with PHP, Wordpress versions, and error message.


I'm having this same issue. Older version of php ...

Was there resolution for this?

@MediaFormat Hi - we may have found a bug (which could be due to another plugin!) - see video.

The menu on our website running Chaplin theme went weird when we incorporated FediEmbedi *plus* widgets on pages.

Otherwise it looked great, thankyou for your amazing work so far (and we totally understand if this is not a priority for you :)

It might be widgets on pages....but wanted to let you know

@MediaFormat This is great plugin, is there any further updates on thisone???

@abidnev yes, I’m working on update might be a few weeks though!

@MediaFormat Happy to hear that 👍 If we get option to connect multiple accounts, or some shortcodes for each connected account it would be awesome. Good luck

@abidnev that’s one of the focus of the refactor, connecting fedi accounts wp user accounts

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