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Promo me or forget to take your meds πŸ’ŠπŸ’Š

Hey everyone I'm moving my account over to @Maincharacter please follow meπŸ‘Œ

gaara is a kazekage..... sasuke is really cool but i think me and my husband Naruto ( @Medicated ) should rule since we are Hokage and Kazekage

pictured: me coming to terms with Mastodon and accepting it as my new main social media

hi everyone im Klonoa @kennen and im running for mastodon president!!!

reasons to vote for me are:
-im cute
-fluffy ears!
-gay rights
-weed legal forever
-sasumiku rights
- i have many more reasons, just view my profile...

SO BOOST THIS if you think i, klonoa, should be mastodon dot social president and/or mascot thankyou i love you

sasuke dudududududu sauske dudududududu soske dududududu YES MIKU?

killing dududududu killing dududuu killing dudududu killing people?


Me: man I sure shit post here a lot

One of you freaks wth 4k toots: huh?

We missing out on the real ship on this website. Blue Check x Green Check

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