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Meggie @MegalLobsterFace

listening to an old mbmbam
"Corn is the scariest vegetable; it looks like a knife!"

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I got my estrogen today and i almost definitely couldnt have done it without @Efi, who i love very much, supporting me

@Efi Didn't i do this with you when we played the other day?

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"Who needs friends with legs like these" - Koopa Troopa

I sat down and spent the entire fucking day

all day except for talking with efi

beating every character in infinite in a row with koopa troopa

1) Koopa is overpowered
3) I beat Sephiroth and am very proud. Is this what final fantasy players feel like?

i legitimately love brawl infinite
when you take it slow it doesnt crash too much and so many of the characters are legitimately fun and well made and really cool to learn

Except Sans

Wednesday: Heavily Modding Oblivion to add attacks

Thursday: HEAVILY Modding Brawl to add like 70 characters

Friday: Modding Nuclear Throne to add multiplayer

Saturday, hopefully: Modding real life to add money and sleep

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After work im gonna go to my local game stores to look for another copy of Brawl so I can play "Is My Gift Broken Or Did Amazon Rip Me Off"

@Nine ive been in this boat so long i get land-sickness