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on my berries account i write small stories for anyone who retoots my pinned toot, and like, it's super fun.

straight boys think we're gonna wear thicker makeup after the apocalypse

I wish I were pretty enough to make posts like "the weather is sunny today 😎 🌻 🌞 " and have a trillion guys be all "HAHA OMG UR HILARIOUS, MEL!"

berries is having a weird one, so I'm gonna chill here again while I can't sleep

my christmas plans involve lots of stressful driving, and ensuring cute magic happens to smol people

Hello, it is I, big threatening wolf pupper in the film you're watching. I'm definitely coming over to eat you, and absolutely will not be requesting cuddles. "I'm just so gosh darn angry" heh, actin is easy.

christmas (and I do not say this without due reverence) Ham

my favourite actor is dog who is supposed to be menacing and angry looking but is clearly just having a great time chilling out with new human friends

screenshot of four beheaded roman soldiers from a film 

So here's my review of the film Centurion which I've seen 37 minutes of so far:

Michael Fassbender is handsome and good, lots of swearing and fighting, reasonable fog, nice trees, not paying any real attention to any of it so I don't know any of their names, lots of lads going PFF HAHAHAHAHAHA, I've legit just realised I have no actual idea what's going on in this film and it's entirely my fault

5/10 I don't even know

if heaven is legit, it's just gonna be full of people laughing at me for dying at KFC

berries just got a little scared and had to take a recovery nap, she'll be back soon though, twice as wholesome

oranges are just big stupid berry seeds and eating them is making me miss berries :'(

hvad fanden laver du, mor?
getting that bagged shit from the store?
vi er et friskhed hus
frisk as a wholesale christmas goose

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