"Sound designers don't REALLY have incredibly specific sounds? that's just a joke right?" volume 2 mastodon.social/media/tmmCmIUg

One of the songs for the upcoming Jet Set Radio album is me rapping in character as a member of Poison Jam mastodon.social/media/jhTAlrMW

I am 1000% okay with Lance Reddick just being Lt. Daniels in robot dinosaur land.

Can someone link me to an explanation of what the Odyssey post-game is? Aside from what they immediately give you, I don't get it. And I can just buy moons now? So is there a finite amount or not? Can I just buy 10,000? Spoiler-free for others please.

I promise I'm not about to go vaporwave but... we didn't appreciate Muzak enough while it was around, damn it

(I guess some people would use this kind of sound in music, but not me)

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Love how sound design forces me to use parts of my synths I wouldn't for music. Here's musical synths using un-musical pitch bends, gross metallic flangers, fixed frequency waves mastodon.social/media/GjSZQ62H

I'm happy to say that Horizon: Zero Dawn is another one of those AAA games that has much better music than those games usually have.

I like that sharing a post is called a boost. It's a natural phrase one would use, and positive.


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