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The blue one is the new one. His name is Wally! I'm not sure what kind of muffin he is...?

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So I I made my instance just need to do some fine tuning and then I think i will make the switch

i have a project in the works that will leverage this soon as a soundcloud-type alternative frontend to Pleroma. or maybe Pawoo Music is a better comparison.
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Never watched or read but man is the opening a banger!
I always find my self watching it when I come across the file.
I think I am gonna have to add it to Tachiyomi

I was just saying yesterday we should be getting info on a new music video. Then sure enough I wake up to this. The wait begins!

So, we've added the possibility to customize the login portal (and not only) in #YunoHost and people started posting screenshot of their customization, it's so cool :)

I must say I am quite impressed with the documentation. The layout is top notch, and the examples are easy to follow.
(Also a sucker for that green)

PeerTube really needs an option to filter out videos in languages I don't understand. The signal to noise ratio is just too low right now.

Talking about PeerTube, any channels I should check out? Recommendations welcome!

got a zine made, and is distributing the digital version for free via protocol. How trendy

FFXIV Jobs as College Stereotypes:

BRD: partied

SAM: studied the blade

RDM: partied AND studied the blade

WHM: Got paid to do other people's homework

MCH: never shut up about their engineering classes and how hard they were

BLM: engineers but fun to hang out with

SMN: snuck their cat into the dorms

NIN: best known for setting up a naruto run event on campus last year

DRG: First to collapse at a party

IBM Rational Clearcase: for when you want garbage version control; but also want to pay tons of money for it.

Day 2 of post gym pains.

It is going to be hard to not show how stiff my legs are and how hard it is to walk at the game dev meet up later today. Though I am still planning on going I can't let this keep me in bed all day. :roundboi:

'if you're a user you should change your password now.'

It's running again, but:
'The hacker exploited a vulnerability in our production infrastructure'

#infosec #matrix

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