People of , please keep giving shout outs to people who are joining Mastodon!

Our power is in the networks we will form here organically. Before the trolls arrive and do their inorganic trolly BS, we will have a tightly knit group of people who will be prepared to deal with the incoming hate.

@Memeghnad don’t say. Is there no way we can stop them from just not coming in completely? I am loving here soooo much right now 🙁

@richa_singh @Memeghnad Unfortunately no, moderation has to happen and rules have to put in place to stop them from ransacking this place. The current moderation staff of of 4 people is not equipped to deal this issue.

@Mujeeb @richa_singh @bisaat @Memeghnad And the trolls are going to arrive soon, sadly. At least they can’t make things trend here? 🤷‍♀️

@Memeghnad yes and also every inc supporter must join mastodon. twitter is gong lke orkut way...

@Memeghnad For now, trolls will be relieved that Twitter is free of rational, secular, democratic peeps. Onslaught will begin when this platform starts to grow. We still have time to create a holistic community.

@ishaanratnam @Memeghnad Oh non-trolls need to be on Twitter to counter them. But as Meghnad said, this will cause us to form a tight knit group (not sure if he considers me in that :P).

This is more fun, its like a blank slate.Lets talk sane #india

@Memeghnad for how long it can remain pure ? till it is troll-jacked

@Memeghnad one issue though, server has slowed down. Perhaps join a different instance.

@Memeghnad See I don't fear trolls at all. They are copy cats and have no brains. We were few and defeated them for Blocking Adv Sanjay Hegde and others. Let them come here too we will defeat them unless they become bhakts of logic and truth!

@Memeghnad so happy to see you here! I started enjoying twitter in 2018 because of you! So this is a great start.

@Memeghnad let's make a space where every new person joining comes and toots in the thread an introduction and how did s/he come to . This way, we will have a common thread helping people in getting profile to be followed and follow very handy. And also shout out bhi easy hoga. Just a thought.

@Memeghnad i have used the hashtag india... Yet to get volume followers... Not sure how many of us are here from the birdsite

@Memeghnad Good to see you here. Agree with you. Hence, keeping up the spirit, following you.

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