Hi all, a lot of you have been dealing with questions about moving here to Mastodon from Birdsite.

I thought I'll offer up my reasons for migrating here and tell you why I feel pretty good about it. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, but it's worth giving it a shot.

Do read and share with people who want to move here!

I thought one way to get my followers to move here would be to put my mastodon address in my Twitter name.

Try it out! Help people migrate!

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@rahulkaveeshwar Just did it. I'll see if it does and report back in a week. :)

@Memeghnad 54k followers in meantime - ye instance kya hota hein?

@rahulkaveeshwar @Memeghnad instance is like domain name. see for more such instances. Each instance may provide features that you may like or dislike. For e.g. RW people have got while we have this, there are many others catering to specific needs, wants etc.

@Memeghnad the drawback to that is most people will think of instance as the only domain, increasing load on the server.

How can we help them discover other instances?
@jackerhack @vimoh @prem_k any ideas?

@gautamghosh @Memeghnad @jackerhack @vimoh @prem_k just point out as the means to figure out other instances. Another nice would be to have a list or resource which shares what is offered by the different instances. At least 10-15 ones so people know, it would be hard work though.

@gautamghosh @Memeghnad @vimoh @prem_k My guess, it will happen organically as people discover how this works.

@jackerhack @gautamghosh @Memeghnad @vimoh plus, if there's an easy way to setup own instances, like on, or like how @hiway is setting up on his own servers but only far easier, that might help go really decentralised.

That'd be like installing on your own domain rather than creating a blog on

@prem_k @jackerhack @gautamghosh @Memeghnad @vimoh Since I was tagged, I'd like to put it on record that running your own instance is not trivial if you don't have a background in running servers on the public internet. The risks and responsibilities are far too many for someone to casually consider this option.

@hiway @vimoh @gautamghosh @jackerhack @Memeghnad today, yes.

I'm most hopeful that eventually it'll become trivial. At least I hope so. 😏

@prem_k @jackerhack @gautamghosh @Memeghnad @vimoh

And if I've learned anything from Wordpress, it is that making the first step easy (installation) gives a false sense of confidence in how to navigate the hostile landscape of running servers.

Too many Wordpess sites have been compromised, defaced, weaponised because the person running the site knew nothing more than FTPing a directory to a host and calling it a day.
@prem_k @Memeghnad @gautamghosh @jackerhack @vimoh

Honestly, I still and often make avoidable mistakes, only human. And having seen the underbelly of the internet, I cannot, in good faith encourage everyone to host sites on their own unless it's something that *really, REALLY* want to do. In which case, reading up manuals and tinkering with code is not much of a barrier :)

@jackerhack @hiway @vimoh @gautamghosh @prem_k @Memeghnad reading manuals and wikis are part of the job. Even for something simple as something as bash or zsh, you need to learn how it really works to make it work how you want. To do default install and run it is stupid but to do a default install, then tinker around it till you are happy with it and then publish/open it to the world. Of course it's an ongoing process, because you have to maintain, upkeep etc.


*passes your choice of beverage*

I used to complain that certain things aren't as easy as they could be, now I cannot unsee the reasons why.

@Memeghnad Try to put Mastodon's TOOT link in the Tweet. They will eventually come on Mastodon to see the Toot content.


I think you're taking the right approach. I think what's holding back the movement is misunderstanding what the #fediverse is and the fact that most of the most popular people/orgs we want to follow are only on Twitter. We need to get them to be active on both or move.

Awesome account, Meghnad! Been just under 2 years on the birdsite, but noticed for long the dismal path most 'handles' choose to gallop on.
Hope you will continue your offers of the ringside view of Parliament.

@Memeghnad great article! Mastodon seems like the answer to the question of having a social platform where only those people collect, who behave online the same as they would in real life, and filter out those who use the 'online connection/real-world disconnection' phenomenon as an perverse excuse to unleash the worst within them

@Memeghnad Liked the part where you explained how Twitter's timeline changed, using real life analogies. Great article 👍

@Memeghnad You perfectly captured what is happening and provided a solution to many people who depend on twitter for their work.

@Memeghnad I do hope you do re-start the constitution series sometime soonish. I enjoyed and usually used to send it to people I know, the links i.e. maybe you can also see if peertube has something you would like to experiment with, please let me/us know if you experiment with that as well.

@Memeghnad pls share this link too - a detailed thread about mastodon and its usage including its cross platform usage between mastodon and twitter

@Memeghnad I can say for myself. It is certainly working for me. ( Though it is an even more of an echo chamber that Birdsite ). Though I am happy here, my fear is that we may all end up in our Echo chambers and lose connect with the real world.

@Memeghnad well put! For me, I love the peace at mastodon

@Memeghnad treating birdsite like work :-), thanks for that, i was struggling to understand how to deal with it and you captured it correctly

@Memeghnad hi,
This is by far the best article I have read time now. Super
You have just created the best article were I am able to visualize your creative writing into imagines and videos
Might sound funny but true
Every burning dump yard of our Indian cities it the best example about Twitter
Thank you very much

I hope you get maximin satisfaction with this article

@Memeghnad You should consider moving away from Medium room. It puts your work behind their paywall!

@zsc Oh darn. I've removed it from distribution. Now they should not be able to, right?

@Memeghnad I don't think the author can control these pop ups. It's a full page banner for everyone who doesn't have a medium account.

@Memeghnad There are plenty of great alternatives to Medium,
and (not free)

As for me, it is not about moving from Birdsite to Jumbosite.
It is about having alternatives resources.

I see a lot of potential here. Real devoted people working tirelessly. Here I see me as being a participant in whatever I can offer from my repertoire.

@Memeghnad this is very helpful Meghnad! And very funny too! 🤣. Great analogy about the dumpster fire.

People looking to understand what @Mastodon is about, this is good start.

@Memeghnad Nice write up on Birdland. Much appreciated, welcome to the Federation.

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