"Baba Ramdev-led Patanjali open to collaboration with 'videshi' MNCs as long as it doesn't clash with its 'desi' values: Report"

LMAO! So much for the Swadeshi BS. Looks like even Bhakts aren't buying that argument anymore. XD

@Memeghnad He has to focus on growth of the business empire. And not a single business leader will put hand over heart and admit freely what they see in topline/bottomline - that these are not the good days we were assured to be round the corner.

As for his "desi values" - well, I think Kunal Kamra had it absolutely right about him (yoga --> noodles)

I. Cant. Even.... 😹

I'm VERY curious though about how Baba KamDev's ultra-max-super-duper-hyper-nationaliatic consumer base is going to react to this news! 😅


@Lord_VoldeMaut here's to hoping they get so traumatized that they are incapable of supporting anyone else in their life. Just hollow unemotional traumatized zombies waiting to die.


Are you familiar with JK Rowling's works? If yes, calling those consumers 'Inferi' and not Zombies is a better deal IMO! 🤭

+ @ak23626


@Lord_VoldeMaut @Memeghnad It is time someone fiendfire them for the betterment of our country😂


देशी बड़ा ना फोरेन छोटा

माल मिलना चाहिए मोटा

@Memeghnad the daal/beans this guy sells, all comes from Australia. Its all repackaged in India for him,along with Tata and a few other brands.
I still remember his swadeshi jeans launch interview. Neither could he justify himself selling jeans after his weird af rant nor could he justify the cost.
What a load

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