I've been asking people around me what is holding them from using Mastodon (even after some of them joined), and I got 4 reasons:

1) Not many people here
2) Can't find people here even if they're here
3) It looks very complicated, especially the instances thing
4) Doesn't seem too different from Birdsite so why bother

For people to adopt this platform, these four points need to be addressed. And that too in ultra-simple non-nerdy language.


Some answers I've come up with:

1) Not many people

Yep. But the platform is gaining traction. Just look at the kind of conversations I have been having here. People are crazy responsive.

(Here I show them the same post I've done on Birdsite, Facesite and Mastodon.)

The quality of responses here are wayyyy better too. Not some "jali na teri" memes. People will come! You come first!

2) Can't find people here even if they're here

Sure you can. But then, think of it this way, go to and just follow a new lot of people. You can follow the regular folks on Birdsite only, but here you get to follow a whole new crop of interesting folks.

(Here I tell them to go to "Follows" on my profile)

Hopefully this will help. I'm following a lot of Indians here. Cheggit.

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3) Looks too complicated

Yes it does. But just use it like Birdsite and start shitposting. Since there are few people, go crazy. You'll figure it out eventually.

Come, toot something. I'll boost ya!

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4) Doesn't seem to different from Birdsite

Sure it is. Think of it like a 1000 birdsites split up with different people managing those, instead of one single entity. That's about it. Plus, no abuses and shitty low effort attention seeking behavior is a definite bonus. At least for now.

Try it!

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Exactly! Also: birdsite but with open source code, so that every programmer in the world can verify that the site you're using is indeed not running any unethical code. Here on mastodon, you can be reasonably confident that you're not being psychologically analyzed with each click, toot or boost you do to sell adds or otherwise profit from your data :)

@Memeghnad can spend an evening making posts like these to share on birdsite.

design/font/colour can be changed but we can crowdsource arguments here for a Why Mastodon campaign. i'm invested in this platform now. that 'email' argument from the video sold me.

@lordoftheshibs Was thinking the same thing. The biggest change from twitter has been moving from confrontation to conversation. That one fact alone has helped people with their mental health and peace.

For Confrontation Use Twitter.

For conversation use Mastodon.


Tweet a thought, get abused.

Toot a thought, it blossoms.


Spread humanity, get hated - Twitter

Spread humanity, get loved. -Mastodon



Right wing abuses, they get promoted -Twitter

Right wing abuses, they get blocked -Mastodon

Reported for rape threats, it's fine says twitter

Report for rape threats, immediately gets blocked by Mastodon.
(Rape can be replaced by casteism, sexism, facism etc)


Reported for hatred by 100 people , no action by twitter.

Reported for hatred by 1 person, immediate action by Mastodon.

@Memeghnad @Deepsealioness

@Vishsai @lordoftheshibs @Deepsealioness Turn it into the old "In Soviet Russia" style memes.

"On Fediverse Mastodon... <fill in the blank>"

@Memeghnad If we can do Gif versions or 10 sec video. Diversify our delivery method to increase consumption.


@lordoftheshibs this is real legit use of time for social good, haha

@Neeneen hehe to think i was a stranger to this platform not 10 hours ago

@Vishsai @Memeghnad aaand here's a few memes. ppl reading this toot, feel free to use these and prev images on your own birdsite accounts!

Leaving these ideas here for anyone to put into an appropiate meme format:

On federated social media, ...
... trolls fear you!
... your content is owned by you!
... the admin listens to you!
... the rules are picked by you!
... nobody makes money off you!
... you pick who you listen to!
... money cannot spam you!
... the system empowers you!
... you are you!

@anathem @Memeghnad I am going to steal that and put it on Twitter. Maybe it will encourage someone to come over!

This is easily one of the most wholesome threads I've seen here.

Have been constantly evangelising on BirdSite. Have even managed to convince quite a few to migrate, but holding them back here's been tough AF. 😐
Your 4-point FAQs are going to be super helpful!

Have also saved the memes contributed by @lordoftheshibs and the 2-liner pitches by @Vishsai.
I'm hoping these will collectively make the task a LOT easier! ✌️😊


@Vishsai @lordoftheshibs @Memeghnad @Deepsealioness

To put that in perspective, only very few instances make enough donations to pay for hosting costs let pay for someone to staff it.

Twitter pays people to work there full time and they still can't be as effective as people with cartoon avatars working other jobs. 😂

@jookia @Vishsai @Memeghnad @Deepsealioness yup yup. but let's chip in any way we can. i hope the influx of users also sees an influx of patrons at patreon.com/mastodon <3

@Memeghnad These are so helpful. A couple of suggestions - Tweet this thread out to people on birdsite as a starter pack. Toot this thread to new people here to get them started.

@Memeghnad I like to explain instances like subreddits with their own moderators and rules. The difference is you have to make a new account for each instance.

@Memeghnad boosted this just because I saw someone use 'few' correctly on a social media site.

PS: Not undermining your intelligence. Just that it's rare to see the correct usage of 'few' somehow.

@Memeghnad I m here after reading your article on birdsite. So ya, u nudged me to be here. Its my maiden day out here. And I m from Umred, ur neighbor of 50 km!!!

@alianwar Welcome to Mastodon! I'm so happy to see you here! :D

Followed! :)

Keep tooting saar.

@Memeghnad Big thank u sir for following.

Its just one hour and I m enjoying a lot.

Thanx for your advice on birdsite!!!

@Memeghnad Interstingly, by design and this might not be helpful in this case, Mastodon does not reveal the entire list of 'following' or 'followers' like bird site. @Gargron says that this is to promote people to engage more and follow each other due to the engagement.

I joined Jumbosite about a week ago. I come here Everyday.

If I like a post on my TL I respond, and in many cases, I follow them as well.

As I see it, only time will resolve issues arising out of familiarity.
Meghnad, you started a nice thread. 👌

@KavitaKrishnan In order to discover more Indians on this platform, please scan those hashtags. @Memeghnad

@KavitaKrishnan @Memeghnad just click the hashtag and see the introductions of different people. Choose who you want to follow.

@KavitaKrishnan Just put those two in the Search. You'll find people from India who are introducing themselves there. Pick out the ones you like and follow away!

Try both separately and together.

This is for just : mastodon.social/web/timelines/


Also verify yourself. Put your Twitter profile link as a label here on your profile. Put this link on your twitter in add website section.

<a rel="me" href="mastdn.social/@KavitaKrishnan">Mastodon</a>

@Memeghnad Number of people don't matter. Number of active users matter. is full of paid trolls and bots. They don't count.

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