Since it's Men's day, it's a good opportunity to talk about how our society promotes aggressive toxic overly manly man behavior.

If you were a 'puny child' who goes to school, there is a 99% chance you were compared to other manly men, derided, taunted and made to feel unwanted.

I wish there was someone who had told me as a child, "It's OK to be puny, vulnerable and introverted. You do you."

@Memeghnad it's not ok. Why would you encourage someone to be vulnerable?

@IlayaHilaya Yes. Once you accept it and talk about it, only then can those vulnerabilities be fixed.

@Memeghnad so you agree that it is something that needs to be fixed and is not OK?

@IlayaHilaya @Memeghnad
Yes, this looks better:
"It's OK to be puny and introverted."

I approve this message, ita a good day to point out the sortnof sexism, like that, which men need to face as well. Equality is something we need to strive for for everyone.

Thanks for sharing.

@Memeghnad hmm. Regardless what people may think or shout about today, just enjoy it. Have a favorite meal, do something you wanted to, or chill most of the day.


What is the latest data on female infanticide/foeticide in India?

Please don't trivialise this India- Patriarchy-Zindabad mind set with anecdotes.


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