How does one deal with bullies who create toxic environments?


Peeps pls, I'm not talking about birdsite. I'm talking IRL. Like, verbal bullying at scary levels which scares people into having panic attacks types.

(I should have been clearer. My bad. :P)

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@Memeghnad Walk away or learn assertiveness. Assertiveness Training is a thing.

@Memeghnad been through this myself. I know what it's like. I couldn't do anything. Did plan to get him beaten up with friends but the plan fell through for the better.

My two cents: Go silent. It makes the other person reflect on what they said, sometimes forcing them to realize just how ugly they are.

@Memeghnad I suppose this is when you can't complain to the bully's mother / boss.

Fighting back as early as possible into the bullying will send a signal to the bully that you would be a difficult target.

@cyberjunkie Tried that. But that doesn't work a lot of time too because the bully gets angrier if you show no interest and seem boring.

@Memeghnad Their bark is worse than their bite. Not to be taken seriously. But turn around and give it back to them.

@Memeghnad 95% things people say r a reflection of them & not u. But how can u empower yourself over someone who likely is not as well read & nice as you. When u feel intimidated by this person, what is being triggered in u? If this is a common theme in ur life, there likely is a common trigger in u that they leverage. Find that trigger & shut it down. Therapy helps identify these & rewiring ur response. Point being, u can’t control the bully but u can empower urself. All battles are within.

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