Hello hello!

I did my first ever video interview!!! That too with the kickass journalist Nitin Sethi, who has been causing waves last week and taking on the government like nobody's business!

Please do watch and share. Also, please give feedback too!

@Memeghnad Very informative, thanks for doing this. Interjections could have been a little more polite considering how polite Mr Sethi himself is. I know I might be nitpicking but you asked for feedback! ;-)

@Memeghnad you should have shared the links here which you have shared on the YT page as well.

@Memeghnad I just saw the whole thing. I would echo @sritara sentiments. I would however also ask you to keep an eye out on all those publications and share links of all the publications who translate the 5 stories which have been broken by huffington post using as a hashtag. Also share the link when the whole tranche of all the documents are released on the web somewhere. Maybe ADR may be a good place or somewhere else. Please share as much as you can.

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