Ok people here's what is going to happen now.

Our gormint is going to create a register of citizens by carrying out a door to door exercise. They will ask for all sorts of data including Aadhaar number, birthplace and who knows what all.

Based on that information, they will identify "doubtful citizens". Some babu will take a call on whether he/she likes you or not.

Then, they will start the weeding out process...

In the weeding out process, all the people the government *wants* as citizens will get citizenship. Others will be rendered stateless, without any rights and tagged as infiltrators.

They will be sent to detention camps which are already being built across the country. If you spot a new building with high af walls and a lot of construction activity around it, that's the one.

Get where I'm going with this?

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Ok then there will be a concerted effort, mostly led by a very very pliant media, to explain why these infiltrators who are in detention camps are a burden on taxpayers.

Arnab will ask, why should I support these 'dharamshalas' with my taxpayer money!? Why should I feed these anti-nationals? These Urban Naxals? These mosquitos! Pests!

Then, there will be some sort of a 'solution' this government will come up with. I don't know what the solution would be but it would be FUCKING HORRIBLE.

I'm genuinely worried and scared about the future.

Really hoping that all this that I said just DOES NOT come true and that it's just my overactive imaginative brain at work. :(

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@Memeghnad Just like Several Bollywood movies in the past... This is like an unauthorized copy of the Final Solution by the Nazis.

Same story. Same script. Same dialogues. Just some song and dance added for masala-movie addict masses.

That is the challenge, most people does not care about politics or society until things are horribly bad, but by then things are usually too late to reverse easily. But history tells us such regimes are defeated, though it will take a lot of suffering. On the brighter side, more people have woken up and started taking politics seriously. What we need to do is convince people to have patience as change will be too slow.


And almost all the bhakts think that it won't affect them. But it will affect them too. Bcoz ultimately they will have to prove that they are minority citizens of those 3 mentioned countries, if they fail to provide proper 📄.

I guess 🤔

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