Tried listening to a Modi speech. Realized that I can't hear the man beyond 3 seconds.

He has nothing new to say and is just plain irritating. Weirdly enough, Amit Shah sounds more interesting now. Ugh.

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A basic primer on why the CAA is harmful and why it must be read with the NRC. As lawyers, we are being asked the issue. This is a kind of introduction without the constitutional bits

H/t also: Nimita Kaul

People, please thank Nandan Nilekani for creating a weapon like Aadhaar and handing it over to monsters!

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I'm genuinely worried and scared about the future.

Really hoping that all this that I said just DOES NOT come true and that it's just my overactive imaginative brain at work. :(

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Ok then there will be a concerted effort, mostly led by a very very pliant media, to explain why these infiltrators who are in detention camps are a burden on taxpayers.

Arnab will ask, why should I support these 'dharamshalas' with my taxpayer money!? Why should I feed these anti-nationals? These Urban Naxals? These mosquitos! Pests!

Then, there will be some sort of a 'solution' this government will come up with. I don't know what the solution would be but it would be FUCKING HORRIBLE.

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In the weeding out process, all the people the government *wants* as citizens will get citizenship. Others will be rendered stateless, without any rights and tagged as infiltrators.

They will be sent to detention camps which are already being built across the country. If you spot a new building with high af walls and a lot of construction activity around it, that's the one.

Get where I'm going with this?

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Ok people here's what is going to happen now.

Our gormint is going to create a register of citizens by carrying out a door to door exercise. They will ask for all sorts of data including Aadhaar number, birthplace and who knows what all.

Based on that information, they will identify "doubtful citizens". Some babu will take a call on whether he/she likes you or not.

Then, they will start the weeding out process...

@wabbster it had it had. My job also made me get sucked into the vortex. But I'm back.

It's quiet here.

Hello Mastodon. How are you doing?

"So bloody fucked" is an acceptable response.

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@Memeghnad um, I go behind their back and create an army of allies because a bully's toxic environment (esp. workplace) would surely affect other people too. And then you now have 8-10 people who will jointly confront this bully when they try to do what they do. This has worked, but in a workplace. Not sure about a home/family environment.

@Neeneen That makes a lot of sense actually. Creating a support system is important.

Hello hello!

I did my first ever video interview!!! That too with the kickass journalist Nitin Sethi, who has been causing waves last week and taking on the government like nobody's business!

Please do watch and share. Also, please give feedback too!

@cyberjunkie Tried that. But that doesn't work a lot of time too because the bully gets angrier if you show no interest and seem boring.


See now peace of mind is only possible when someone is not screaming and bullying you most of the day. It's like you're looking over your shoulder most of the time. The moment the bully enters the room the temperature drops, your spine disappears, you don't know when the scream is coming but it is coming... soon.

And what's weirder is when the scream doesn't come and then the bully leaves you feel exhausted!


Peeps pls, I'm not talking about birdsite. I'm talking IRL. Like, verbal bullying at scary levels which scares people into having panic attacks types.

(I should have been clearer. My bad. :P)

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How does one deal with bullies who create toxic environments?

@Shreya512 I know. And I'm not. I just wanted to get it off my chest. :)


I get confused whenever I see a mother dairy ice-cream cart in winters. I want to badly meet the people who eat ice-cream, outdoors, in Delhi, in winters.

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