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"When you stare into the abyss,
Modiji stares back at you."

~ Modern Indian Proveb

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@Memeghnad Till very recently the only news you got was your local newspaper. People were happy with that and then we had those who did not read the papers... 🤷🏻‍♂️

We were systematically made to get addicted to information.

The only way Congress could survive is if it let go of the Gandhis. Not just the people, but even their overall legacy.

Otherwise, it should just die and let a fresh alternative emerge.

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@Memeghnad Not reading the news all the time is also an attempt to live into our individual realities, not just the collective ones.
No individual who is constantly connected to the collective (whether it's nation, religion, fate of humanity, etc.) can grow and learn in their individual capacity. A little disconnection allows quirkiness, originality.
It also helps to not have live in anxiety 24/7. No useful contribution can come from that state of mind.

At the INC presser on yesterday, @sighyush asked whether Congress would reveal the names of donors who gave their party Rs 500 crore.

They said no.

Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai. -_-

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Besides the traditional methods used by to get constant feedback & raise pressing issues in , I'm now trying something new.

Please write to me with issues you feel merit attention in . Will try my best to raise your voice in the house.

Fill up form at:

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Here are 4 good reasons why government have run away from Rajya Sabha today & adjourned Zere Hour & Question Hour: First 4 questions in Question Hour were to be answered by Finance Minister

1) Hoarding notes after Demonetization
2) PMC Bank Fraud
3) Public Sector Banks fraud
4) PSU's disinvestment

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Not a single MP from Opposition went into the Well of the Rajya Sabha. Yet, House was adjourned within minutes right till 2 pm. Opposition deprived of raising important issues in Zero Hour & holding ministers accountable in Question Hour. When you don’t have answers, you run away.

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@Memeghnad I actually narrowed focus on what news I consume. I read the news update from Competition Success. It succinctly summarises the important events of the month.

Not everyone needs to know the news on a daily basis. If there is an important hot news Mastodon or birdsite pushes it up for me.

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@Memeghnad I was someone who was an avid news reader and someone who had 100s of google alerts set up to follow news . However , in the last couple of years I’ve stopped consuming news daily because it makes me angry and sad , more angry than sad . So for peace of mind and mental health , I’ve chosen to not follow news channels . I live in my bubble with a few trusted sites

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@Memeghnad There is so much contradiction, fake info, so many spins to the same news going around. Even with the publications we choose to depend on, the reliability has consistently gone down.
I went from reading multiple views on a particular incident/report from different reporters to now browsing through related headlines before deciding which ones to pursue.
Referencing/reading contextual information has become a luxury. An-incident-a-day is too much to keep up with

Time isn't abundant!!


Since nobody will say it today, I'm saying it. Indira Gandhi was a dictator.

So Happy Birthday to dictator Indira Gandhi!

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@Memeghnad I will be the first to admit that I can no longer process all of it. Facebook's "news" cycle was actively taking up sixty percent of my week a couple of years ago. Now I start getting anxious when someone sends me an FB link. Leaving it has caused productivity to shoot up.

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@Memeghnad I need to be updated due to the kind of jobs I've had. I used to equate it with social capital. But no longer. Often reading the news gives me an anxiety attack and I slowly enter an existential crisis. But, the quality of news has also dropped so much. Mis/disinformation is very discouraging.

Well, as you're saying, probably living in your bubble isn't that bad after all.

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@Memeghnad Even many of those who do read, read just headlines and believe whatever the headline suggests. Very few actually care about the society to go even 1 layer deeper. Let us not even get to Non fiction book or research paper audience. They are almost non existent. Personally i have now consciously reduced reading op-eds and focus more on reading quality and fact based research, listening to podcasts and watching conferences lectures.

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This is possibly the largest number of people booked for sedition at one time in one district anywhere in India.

How did this slip below the radar?

Read our >>>

It's been a decade since I actively started following worldly affairs.

It has made me more aware and wiser, my career depends on it now, but I know there are wayyy more people who didn't do that.

They chose to keep away. From reading newspapers. From visiting news websites. Or news channels too.

I'm now starting to understand why and I respect their decision. I've stopped judging them for their choices, tbh.

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I'm slowly starting to process the fact that not everyone reads the news.

Instagram and TikTok is proving again and again that people prefer to not look at the ugliness in the world and just keep away from it all.

Maybe it's escapism, maybe it's self-preservation. I'm also changing my opinion about how, "Everyone needs to be updated about the latest news stuff."

They really don't. Fuck it. Live in your little bubbles & be happy.

It's insane how blind bhakts still can't get it through their thick skulls that their own party is literally scamming them.

Their devotion to BJP is so blinding that if Modiji takes away their property and gold, bhakts will still defend him.

"It's for the greater good," they'll say. "Doing it for the country only."

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Thumper of a story about how electoral bonds — whose dodginess @Memeghnad has been going on about since forever — were forced through despite the RBI warning the govt against it.

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