Hey guys I'm gonna move there : social.wxcafe.net/@Meor :) Thanks to @technopagan for running that instance <3

You know, Mastodon would be an interesting place to do RPing. You could, like, set up an instance for RPing on and every account on there has to be a character or whatever. You could just look to the Local Timeline to do RP stuff.

Dear anxiety, would you please let me sleep now?
We should probably stop seeing each other so often. it's not you, it's me.
Or maybe its you, after all. Please go. I really want to sleep.
(And don't dare giving me nightmares, while I'll be asleep.)

{having to think about too much uncertain future stuff at midnight : never a good deal}

Is someone gonna take kevin.bacon and make sure no instance is more than 7 degrees removed from it?

My roomate just gave me the most adorable package that someone ordered for me. Very few people have my adress here and I guess it's my girlfriend but I'M NOT SURE AND I AM TOTALLY CLUELESS.

But somewhat pretty sure that's my girlfriend.
Or maybe past me ordered it and I forget already ? O_o

So, I was craving for some fish as I haven't had some in years, now trying vegan fish I've found at the grocery store and : I AM IMPRESSED.

hey Vancouver, I'm sorry for compalining about the Rain or cost of life sometimes, you've got sakuras and great beers and lovely people, so I guess we're even.
But, spring, please ? I mean, I need some sun with my lager and books and bikes and friends.

Bon, j'ai évidémment envie d'aller voir a terme sur d'autres instances mais je suis incapable de me décider pour l'instant...
I'm wiling/curious to join another instance at some point but can't decide right now.

@ptilou42 t'es venu ici pour mettre des favoris, avoue ! :D <3

Meanwhile, in the other dimension (yes, this network name came from this band name)


Their timeline is pretty funny to read :p


Gargon: mastodon.social is under super heavy load :cold_sweat:


this moment when you've just bought a bike because the trees are blossoming and sun was out for few days... but it's in fact starting again for few days of gray/rain.
I wanted RainCity, well, I guess I have it.
Heading out for a walk anyway :D

"Falling from grace cause I've been away too long /
Leaving you behind with my lonesome song /
Now I'm lost in oblivion "


Wait, wait, everyone. If you're teaching someone how to use Mastodon, are you giving them a... toot-orial?

With this 500 limit I know think "you could have said this in English too" so : I'm a French person on a working visa in Vancouver. For me this is mostly about beer and forests, and got a french blog for this here westsew.fr

pour celleux qui me connaissent pas déjà, je suis actuellement en pvt à Vancouver au Canada.

J'suis censé commencer à travailler bientôt mais ça ne cesse d'être retardé et ça me pèse. MAIS j'raconte des trucs ici : westsew.fr

Majoritairement attendez vous à des forêts et de la bière.

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