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big noses are so great and lovely and attractive

pass it on

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the point of the party is to defeat challengers from the left.

the democrats don't want your advice, they don't actually care if they beat the republicans.

I've really been vocally hating liberals more than usual lately and yet I still feel like I don't express how much I really hate liberals and all that they stand for enough.

"We must distinguish between the programmes of the bourgeois parties, between the banquet and parliamentary speeches of the liberal careerists and their actual participation in the real struggle of the people. Bourgeois politicians, one and all, in all parliamentary countries, have always paid lip-service to democracy while betraying it."

- V.I. Lenin, "Deception of the People by the Liberals"


country music peaked when beyonce and the dixie chicks made did daddy lessons.

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mastodon is now a DPRK appreciation platform. esp soc.iali.sme or w/e that instance is called

Kurds deserve to be protected and people making genocide jokes about them are disgusting individuals. I do not support YPG etc because they are being used by the US of course. Does this mean you can go ahead and make genocide jokes about a group of people? No.

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Who here tonight feels alienated by capitalism?

Or at least maybe, I blocked them before they got banned so it's hard to tell.

@percitaz Some of them got banned yesterday and most of them might of left maybe.

@Monokumarz I figured with the lack of shitposters of any quality (at least as far as shitposting goes) it was my time to shine.

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