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rich women are not the friends of poor women
rich queer folk are not the friends of poor queer folk
rich PoCs are nor the friends of poor PoCs

American patriotism is the worst.

So I guess this is day two of "Americans like explosives and are bad at fire safety"

sex worker exclusionaries have absolutely no place in communist spaces.

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Even outside of awful moderation, the entire concept of Tw*tter and the way that it functions makes it an awful everything website.

@acw Most would say yes but terfs aren't really known for their reasoning skills. They sort of gloss over the intersectional part.

@acw A trans exclusionary "radical" feminist. They've been known to collude with fascist as far as I'm aware and are transphobic as hell.

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Why are radfems so awful in general?

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big noses are so great and lovely and attractive

pass it on

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