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Gotta stop colouring with the blush draping style thing even tho I think it's cute because I make every character look like they've got a fever whops

didn't draw the star on her wand because I am a butt

hunting for good journal articles and it's a lot more exciting than expected

Is there an obscure German word for when you lock your door then ten seconds later you suddenly start worrying that you forgot to lock it?

Picking a favourite Pokémon was hard for each type (except for azurill and azumarill lmao)

Cowboys truly are in this year but this is the only cowboy related media that matters

Been ill for the last few days and can't stop coughing up gunk :( just want to get back to not feeling like a zombie

I didn't even like Be The Cowboy but this made me laugh :p

why does this capture so many emotions I feel deeply in my soul

too lazy to move my computer around so I'm using the TV as a monitor while drawing. it's an interesting experience

Oscars is bad and dumb but at least Spider-verse won best animation

Redline is so good it directly reinvigorates my love for animation every time I think about it.. which is extremely often

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