A year ago today I thought it was pretty cool that there was a network of federated social nodes with almost 20,000 users.

Now I think it's pretty cool that there is a high likelihood there will be two million users this year.

It's all because of you.


I think emotions are fluid just like how sexuality is.
Yeah I can feel love towards someone, but sometimes I really don't feel it.
I find it impossible for a parent to always 'love' their child, or the other way around.

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#wikileaks an easy first target (to silence) because already widely maligned. All sites at risk. It's actually not a very easy target because a small and enthusiastic/vocal minority still doesn't easily fall for corporate media's demonisation. What site next? Cryptome? Consortium News?

A stone sleeps a long time. Under butternut shade her toes work the cobble streambed, and one of us says, A stone sleeps a long time.

Before I knew her house I believed in all its lonely hours.

Stones everywhere. Riverclean, their stories polished. Dozens, maybe hundreds. On window sills and side tables, mantles and corners. Cairns in a chapel.

But walls like Shakers. A house that wants no history.

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As I like to support this kind of services I have upgraded to premium my account in @Tutanota. It's a private, secure and simple email service.
They offer real free accounts with 1Gb storage. A great option to Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo (actually not free services).

Great to see that is featured in the extensive collection of suggested tools by privacytools.io/. Additionally, Sailfish OS users can look forward to various encryption features and an improved security framework in this year's upcoming software updates.

Jolla / Sailfish OS Network:

Are you looking for a native full-featured maps and navigation (including voice support) app on #SailfishOS?

The OpenStreetMaps-based WhoGo Maps is a fantastic piece of software.

Available on Openrepos ---> openrepos.net/content/otsaloma

"Stare into the Lights my Pretties" by Jordan "Jore" Brown (2017 - (CC) ByNcSa)

An insightful journey into the militaro-Sillicon-Valleysque complex, "screen culture", cognitive exploitation, profiling and mass surveillance.


Dense stuff, lots of material to remix!

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