Their problem with JNU students is not about any "anti-national" slogans. It's the jealousy about having fully functional spines which won't bend in front of their masters.

@dearthofsid these guys are supposed to learn in school about protective discrimination

It's the height of ridiculousness that even in the brink of 2020 one has to explain how reservation is not a poverty alleviation program but about representation. This 'ignorance' is not organic, it's intentionally sustained by those who were in power all these years.

It's not like this distinction is so nuanced that people can't understand it. It's just that they don't want to understand it and more importantly, they don't want others to understand it.

@dearthofsid I hope the govt gives sufficient protection to whoever wants to visit the shrine. The court order is in absolutely no way a 'stay' on the earlier judgement.

Kerala's right wing (BJP, INC leaders & supporters) is suggesting that the state govt ignore the 2018 ruling and deny entry to women in in the wake of today's verdict. Nobody, including the judiciary themselves, seem to have any problem with contempt of court.

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@thatboy I wouldn't use the term definitive, in part because there was so much variety regarding lived experiences. Even today, what would be a definitive account of Indian life? But we have a huge volume of writing from 1500–1800CE that lends insight into aspects of social and religious life on the subcontinent. Off the top of my head -- Bhakti poetry, vernacular hagiographies in various languages, Banarasidas's Half a Life, lots of letters back and forth, etc.

കിളിയിടം വിട്ട് വന്ന മലയാളം ടീയെൽ പീപ്പിൾ ൽ ഹാജർ വെച്ചാൽ ഫോളോ തരാം


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