@resist1984 my articles on Continuous Documentation describe how to host docs on github, not readthedocs.io. The only thing I use from RTD is their sphinx theme.

For an example, see docs.buskill.in, which is hosted by GitHub and loads fine over Tor

Today the number of positive cases worldwide broke 2 million. It took 4-months to hit 1 million and only 13-days to break 2 million. The good news is appears to be working to


Today's 30-day curve fit estimates we'll triple to 6 million cases by May 12. The 3-day and 7-day fits suggest the effectiveness of the lockdowns


@wiktor @tapaniraja @setthemfree I'm still reviewing OpenPush's presentation at FOSDEM. Looks like it's still at a work-in-progress state. I guess it needs to be vetted in more open/federated messaging services like Matrix *then* we'll take it Signal/Wire/etc.

@wiktor @tapaniraja @setthemfree

Oh wow, that OpenPush announcement was from last month!

Has anyone inquired/pressured Signal/Wire/etc about replacing GCM with OpenPush and gotten a response yet?

Are there any downsides to stripping GCM libs and replacing them with OpenPush?

@wiktor @tapaniraja @setthemfree Awesome!

> Using FCM also requires the inclusion of the proprietary FCM client library into open source Android apps like Signal, Wire or even Firefox, which makes them effectively non-free software which cannot be distributed via the fully free F-Droid software repository.

I guess that's the blob mentioned earlier ITT preventing Signal in F-Droid.

@tapaniraja @setthemfree @micahflee IANA Android dev, but I do believe you're correct. And that was Moxie's defense for requiring gapps for so long, demanding that the community first come up with an alternative.

There's also microG, but I'm not sure how that fits into Signal or push services.

Most messaging apps support polling..

@micahflee I took the headline to mean that Signal would finally be available on F-Droid. Or Signal Desktop would finally be available to users without having to link it to a phone number.

No, I take it to mean that Signal is on-path to add a "GIF" button to their UI that'll leak their oh-so-secret messages right out to thiird parties (ie: giphy) like Wire had done in the interest of making their app more accessible to the "masses"


@setthemfree @tapaniraja @micahflee Last I used Signal, it *was* accessible outside Google Play. Has this changed?

They even distribute the APK directly on their website, though I had to use a DispVM with vanilla chromium to actually get the JS to load the latest download link :\




1. Cut away the cork and inspect it

2. Throw the electronic bits into a bowl of dry rice to dry it out for a few days

3. plug it into a cheap USB charger and make sure nothing is fried

4. boot a cheap burner laptop with no storage drive into kali, plug this in, and begin poking it

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