Oreo got through surgery just fine, they were able to do everything they were hoping to do. Now he's chilling in recovery. They'll give us an update tomorrow morning.

I discuss my favorite under-read fantasy books of the 2010s (fourth and final post in my "Readers of the Lost Arc" series on Lady Business blog):

Oreo the Dog is in surgery and I am fretting. There's not really any particular reason to fret, but here we are. Keeping fingers crossed he comes back to us on the mend so he can have a happier long rest of his life.


I'm approaching my "arguing with strangers on FB" limit already for the day, and it's not even noon.

I think that if Mastodon didn't have its instance/federation system but was all one thing run by someone with a commitment to preventing harassment, it'd eclipse Twitter in 18 months.

Magik leaping epically over the X-Men to attack with her sword is a panel created specifically delight me.

Our goal on Mastodon is simple:

We want to help build, contribute to, and support members of a vibrant and inclusive community of geeks, nerds, artists, writers, fans, and everything between.

That's our mission as a podcast. That's our mission everywhere.

X-Com 2: War of the Chosen continues to be really fun, though I wish I could recruit 2+ of each of the resistance faction heroes.

Light Punisher Ep. 1 spoilers 

Meg and I watched the first episode of last night.

I enjoyed it more than I expected, though it's hard for me to see heavily armed angry white men as anything other than a hate-informed mass shooting waiting to happen these days.

We've officially joined the Mastodon union. So who are we?

We're a and podcast run by a team of nerds. We have interviews, discussions on sf/f things, a podcast, drunken reviews of bad movies, commentary, and much more!

You better believe we're lovers of etc!

We're at skiffyandfanty.com!

You can find some of our hosts here: @Princejvstin @katsudonburi @shaunduke @KateSherrod @MichaelRUnderwood & more!

Drip = Kickstarter's answer to Patreon: d.rip/

I've been expecting this ever since Kickstarter bought Drip 1.0 a while back.

Given that I see a lot of here, I hope to see this UI eventually move toward displaying that art in a big, bold way. (Was one of the few nice things about Ello, and is nice about Twitter now and Tumblr.) The Internet is made of both text and images, so to see both displayed BIG BIG BIG AND LARGE would be nice.

I created Genrenauts as a way of exploring my thoughts about genre conventions and why we tell stories the way we do.

It's like Leverage meets Planetary, and you might enjoy it. Try it out for free here:


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