Micro SF/F stories by O Westin

"In theory, this is the ultimate product."
He showed a small animal with soft scales and wings. It purred.
"A dragon cat hybrid, which is also a book."
"A book? How do you read it?"
"You tell it. 'Boknir, open'."
The dragoncatbook hissed at him. "Shan't."
"In theory," he sighed.

@MicroSFF dont worry so long as he doesnt set my actual books on fire he’s perfect the way he is


@MicroSFF and now this must be a thing in our next campaign


@MicroSFF So the dragoncatbook is a thing now in our newest #dnd campaign. I'm thinking she will record a diary of her bard's adventures. I'm tempted to post it on mastadon...


I once played in a campaign where there had been a huge magic war, with areas that had specific, localised weirdness. Like "everything is blocky, like Minecraft", or "everything, including trees and rocks, have wings and can fly", or "everything is two-dimensional and can't be seen edge-on".
My character collected a kitten from each location.


@MicroSFF that is so random and epic!! I love it.


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