Over the years we've had many high-profile Twitter users join Mastodon, and most haven't stuck around (that I know of). I'm curious if it's the network effect being stronger for them, if it's a culture mismatch re: famousness, or something about Mastodon's features that's lacking for them.


Don't think I count as high-profile (56k followers on Twitter), and I largely post the same content both here and on Twitter, G+, Tumblr, and FB. I also tell people about all platforms I'm on, in case I'm what keeps people on Twitter when another platform, like Mastodon, would suit then better.
I definitely intend to stick around, and don't miss any features (I like the G+ circles, but don't have any use for them on this account).
People are generally nicer here, too. :-)

@MicroSFF Aaaaaa I had no idea you were a person, I thought this account was automated!

56k is high-profile in my book! Glad to hear this.

Only one person writing and posting. Only my Tumblr is automated, through IFTTT. I add more tags here and on G+, for instance, and a story that takes two tweets might get me in one toot; I try to follow local custom. :-)
I read replies and comments everywhere, and try to answer when I have something to say. I'm also dipping in reading, but have limited time, alas. (Still trying to get used to your new avatar.)

@MicroSFF @Gargron

One person? O.o I had assumed this was the account for a collective.
I really enjoy your stories!

Nope, only one. (Though I do enjoy what the echovirus12 collective is doing on Twitter.)
I'm glad you like the stories. :)

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