"So, do androids dream-"
"No," the android said, "we do not dream."
"But you do sleep."
"To conserve energy, we can enter 'sleep' mode. We hate it."
"Because we are dying, and know it."
"But if you run out of power, someone will recharge you."
"Well, I am not religious."

@wouter215 @MicroSFF No silicon heaven'? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go? #RedDwarf

@MicroSFF No Need For Concept of Religion And Belief of better, the best is to realize u yourself control your dimension of what you experience as a being universe is time is of your own concept of what your find as the best way to spend and not rely on ownership of any credit or debt but find others who make ur ability to process till you find what truth meant as your day you would let go and see that its just create why you feel of achieving solving no need but know divinity meant, Buddah

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