"In your own words, what would make you a good choice for the first Mars colony?"
"I am near immortal, and superhumanly strong."
"I see. And why do you want to go?"
"The moons of Mars are probably too small to make me turn when they are full."
"I have no other hope."

@MicroSFF I'm not understanding this story I'm afraid.. anyone care to elaborate? :)

@trinsec @MicroSFF The protagonist is a werewolf (or other werecritter) wanting to go to Mars to avoid their monthly issue

@Shutsumon @MicroSFF Oooooooooh... -werewolf-! Okay, that explains a lot. Thanks! :)

The interviewee is a werewolf, seeking a way to escape how they transform and lose control during a full moon.

@MicroSFF And, thus, the protagonist accidentally discovers the field of xeno- or astrolycanthropy.

@MicroSFF so... what would happen if the werewolf was *on* the moon? 🤔

seems easier to get to the moon than to mars

@ddipaola @MicroSFF I guess they would end up transformed any time they were in the daylight, since they’re surrounded by fully illuminated moon?

@MicroSFF you’d better hope that’s true, because Phobos has a full moon every 7.5 hours, and Deimos every 30

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