Crowley studied the chalk circle he stood in, the sigils, the candles. "Huh."
"Honestly," the witch said, "I didn't expect you to exist."
"They say belief can work miracles. Can you make another summoning circle?"
The witch smiled. "Will it work on angels?"
"I believe so."

@MicroSFF unfortunately this one went over my head. I'm guessing the Crowley is meant to be Aleister Crowley, but what angel would he want the witch to summon?

@FiXato @MicroSFF I've watched it twice now and recently bought the book. I hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to read/watch it. It was great.

@FiXato @MicroSFF I guess that reference points to Good Omens (book/tv series)...

@FiXato @MicroSFF I believe this Crowley is Anthony J Crowley from Good Omens, who’s best friend is the Principality Aziraphale

(His name is an Alister Crowley reference though so)

@FiXato no, it's related to the fantastic novel "Good Omens" (recently adapted as a mini series), in which Crowley is a demon and Aziraphale an angel. The novel was written by Pratchett and Gaiman. @MicroSFF

@FiXato @MicroSFF It's either a Good Omens reference if the angel is Aziraphale, or a Supernatural reference if the angel is Castiel :)
Crowley's a demon who's friends with that angel in each of these shows.

@FiXato @MicroSFF Good Omens, I'd say. It's worth reading or watching or both.
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