"Ah, Frxz?"
Our alien intern looked up from their workstation. "Yes, supervisor!"
"You added a 'Gender' field to our site."
Frxz beamed, literally. "Yes! Traditional!"
"And the options..."
"I researched. One differentiator!"
"I'm afraid we can't use 'pockets' and 'no pockets'."

@MicroSFF strange coincidence to see this and @mwlucas comment about what to call the two types of tshirts in the same timeline.

@MicroSFF my wife has a hard time finding pants with pockets, while I find on some of the pants of my son...
the world is bonkers...

Also, why do we still have that archaic difference in how buttons and zipper-flaps are oriented? Are women still expected to have servants dressing them?

button position in this day and age shouldn't be a matter of gender, but rather of .

@MicroSFF one could argue its a fairly accurate, if somewhat graphic, delineator. 😆

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