** Tomorrow is April first, and many places have traditions of invented news stories designed to trick people.
If you're thinking of posting one, please consider that people are worried and anxious, and ask yourself if you really need to do an April Fools this year. **

@MicroSFF Rather than pranks, people should post videos of themselves acting like 'April Fools'
Wear a silly costume, sing a goofy song, dance like you don't care, tell a dad joke or two! Something fun& silly to cheer up others& relieve some of the boredom! Or even just silly videos& gifs not of themselves for some fun!

@MicroSFF I don't understand this - humour is a great way to help anxiety and worry; I'd probably stay away from virus related AF though.

@penguin42 @MicroSFF Since when do April Fool hoaxes cause anxiety, times of crisis or not? I'm sure there are plenty of non-virus topics to make jokes about.

@penguin42 @MicroSFF Well, I think /personal/ humor is one thing, /unserious news stories disguised as real/ is another matter entirely.

@penguin42 @MicroSFF Like, you'd have to ask people, but I'd imagine personal humor might be more okay.

@MicroSFF Dunno, how would we tell the difference between April fools and fake news these days :o

@extraneous @MicroSFF it's April Fool every day in the land of Facebook's fake news.

@MicroSFF I think in the midst of a pandemic, that causes a lot of stress and that is worsened by false information, april fools are probably a very good idea.

Having a good laugh can reduce stress and being reminded to think more critical about, what you read on the internet is a good thing I'd argue.

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