The alien linguists found Earth a living treasure trove. They repeatedly used the word "kerzhfaggh", which they explained meant something like "the mindbending joy of discovering a strange new yet obvious concept through language assimilation".
It's hard to translate correctly.

@MicroSFF "Discovering a strange new yet obvious concept through language assimilation" is an absolutely amazing concept.

We use it with human languages for sure, but we also use it with programming languages all the time (makes me think of @cwebber of my Mastodon acquaintances) We use it with science language. We use it when we learn an in-joke of a group we have recently joined...

I can't believe this is the first time somebody gave this concept a name!


Good point!
I definitely experienced kerzhfaggh when I got my head around object oriented programming. And, later on, generic programming.

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