"How long can I borrow this book?"
"It will return after four weeks," the librarian said.
"What, by itself?"
"Look at the Ex Libris stamp."
"Is that a magic sigil?"
"It will return to where it should be."
"Do all books return?"
"Not all. We assume they have another place to be."

@MicroSFF What a fascinating idea. A book that will return (or arrive) at the place where it should be.

You're going through a little crisis, looking for answers, and then, *poof*, a book appears. You can read it or not, and after 4 weeks it will simply disappear.

That would honestly solve a few problems. Like picking the right book, and the question of "when should I read it" (looking at the pile of books I bought but haven't read yet).

@MicroSFF Kinda reminds me of this one book I have. I know it's on my bookshelf, but I only ever find it when I need to read it. Other days, I can read every single title on the shelf and it's not there.

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