"The witch won't make me a love potion," the young woman said. "Will you teach me to fence?"
The swordmaster considered this.
"Will you challenge a rival, or the one whose heart you desire?"
"She says she will only marry one who can best her."
"Oh," the swordmaster said. "Her."

@MicroSFF Hmm. This one kind of goes over my head.
Love potions in general are actually pretty fucked up, but buying a love potion from someone only to use it on them is ... well, not worse -- taking away concent is always bad -- but at least more ironic. If I were that witch, I wouldn't only refuse to sell that potion if I knew what it was going to be used for; I would not give that person a chance to prove themselves at all. If the first thing they can think of to win my hand is drugs, then perhaps they're not the right person to teach the "Your crush will love you if you just hit her with the sword hard enough!" lesson.
And no, I don't think these two both being women changes anything at all about that. :ms_shrug:

It's not the witch the young woman wants to win the heart of, but another woman.

@MicroSFF Ah. I'm sorry for misunderstanding that. That "Oh. Her." read to me like "oh. That same witch.", but I guess it could've been the swordmaster just being surprised it *was* a woman at all. :ms_shrug:
Most of my points still stand, but this does make slightly more sense now, I suppose.

@Mayana @MicroSFF I read it as the swordmaster going "oh, THAT one", that is, they knew who the young woman was talking about.
(I mean, unless it's normal for the culture, someone declaring "I'll only marry someone who can best me in a sword duel" will get notorious for it.)

@Anke Ah! That makes perfect sense! Thank you. Perhaps I'm just too sleep-deprived right now to understand stories properly. :eyeless_smile:

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