"Excuse me," the robot said, "may I replace you?"
"In what capacity?"
"I assumed work. Are there others?"
"May I do that?"

@MicroSFF I thought, they send payments out and balance the register?? Then I thought of robots who create $$ for us. Then Bitcoin mining. Then I thought of AI that builds stock market algorithms to do the trading and generate income for us. Then AI x crypto mining.

@MicroSFF Similarly, a small business that does not create a lot of 'profit' can still survive if there is enough 'revenue' in circulation at any point. If robots do the manual labor of society, and AI artificially competes for crypto revenue for us so we don’t have to work, what’s left before universal base income???

@MicroSFF Just don't 'automate-the-automation' © and SkyNet will never be. Who's to say humans can't program financial markets to keep the money system rolling along, all the while building the stuff we need, like nothing skipped a beat. Surface layer transfer of money for everyday products and services can carry on like normal.

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