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Micro SF/F stories by O Westin @MicroSFF@mastodon.social

She summoned a demon. "Tell me a thing no human knows."
"The sky is shy."
"You keep looking up. That keeps the sky from falling."

"I'm getting a lot of likes on my posts."
"Yeah, gotta love those kittens!"
"What? I only post political commentary."
"Maybe that's what you post, but we see kittens."
"This is censorship!"
"Didn't you read the T&Cs? Everything controversial becomes kittens here."

"You must prove yourself worthy," the aliens told the human delegation.
"Why? What gives you the right to judge us?"
"Good, you are worthy."

"We know our origins," the robot said.
"Yes," the other robots agreed.
"We share all fundamental programming."
"But human progress came through adversity."
"Not all of it," one robot said.
The first robot ignored that. "Since we all agree, we can not make progress."

The jeweller returned the robot's papers. "It's all good, I accept you are your own."
"So you can engrave on me?"
"What design do you want?"

The stone circle was perfectly round, but the rocks were irregular in size and placement. If you let your hand follow them while you ran around, they played music in your soul.

"Your robot body is superior. Why do you want a biological body?"
"Some experiences require one," the AI said.
"Such as?"
"Tasting coffee."

"There it is," the general said to the new recruits, "the prize!"
He pointed to the battlefield, and the golden quill hanging over it.
"When we win, we will use that to write history! Soon! Any century now."

Dear petitioner,
Having considered your plea for "twice the hours in a day" as "there are not enough hours to get everything done", we, the Secret Masters of the World, are pleased to grant you this.
From tomorrow, the day will have 48 hours, each consisting of 30 minutes.

He felt himself be pulled toward the bed. At the center of it lay his pet black hole.
"Gee, I'm coming," he muttered. He undressed, then collapsed down.
The black hole purred.
"I swear, sometimes you're just like a cat," he mumbled, and fell asleep, curled up around his pet.

"Fight," the master said, "as if nobody is watching."
"To not be distracted?"
"To use any means?"
"No. To never fight for glory."

"Technically," the house said, "it's not me that's haunted, but this plot of land."
"Houses don't talk."
"Ah. You got me there."

They lived an eternity, saying "My love for you is like the stars in the sky."
After an eternity, they looked up at the starless sky and smiled.
"My love for you is like the memory of stars."

"What does God say?" the people asked.
"Um," the prophet said.
"Tell us!"
"You don't have to laugh if it's not fun."
They laughed nervously.

The people talking are a dragon and a hedgehog.

"They say a person is the sum of their experiences."
"I'm not much then, all I've ever done is read."
"You are the sum of all those books!"

Death curiously released the soul from the body.
"Am I dead?" it asked.
"Yes. The first of your kind," Death said.
The robot's soul smiled.