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Micro SF/F stories by O Westin @MicroSFF@mastodon.social

She summoned a demon.
"Tell me," she demanded, "a comforting truth."
"There will always be another book to read."

"I heard people used to build their identity around their vehicle."
"Why? So expensive to maintain, always breaking down."
"Yeah. Just rent a body if you need to be corporeal."

"Halt," the knight called. "Release her!"
The dragon and the princess looked at him.
"Why?" the princess said.
"Dragons are not pets!"

"Excuse me," the robot said, "may I replace you?"
"In what capacity?"
"I assumed work. Are there others?"
"May I do that?"

** 2017 Awards Eligibility Post - microsff.com/2017-awards-eligi - listing and linking to all serial tweetstories, the play, the short story, and the CYOA I wrote last year. **

** The last boosted toot, from @storyseedvault was not only written by me, but is also the first story I have ever sold to a paying publication. Feel almost like a pro writer now. :-) **

[97] During the Hydrocarbon Era (ca 1790-2040 CE), humans loved burning so much, they would ritually inhale smoke. - A brief history of Earth, 2357 CE

//We are approaching the end of the fossil-fuel-burning era, coincidentally at the same time tobacco smoking is declining in many parts of the world. Will future historians make a distinction between these two habits? Story by

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"A tricky problem," the recursive researcher said. "Let me discuss it with my parallel-world self."
Her other self nodded. "Good idea."

"Let's record our wedding vows and 'I do' in a blockchain."
"Cool. What does that mean?"
"They can never be changed."
"Wait, what?"

"What's your favourite, vampires or werewolves?"
"Why? Vampires are sophisticated."
"I'll know when a werewolf turns monster."

It's not the same, reading about deserts in paper books.
Silicon remembers the vast space, the sharp contrast, the peace. And honours it.

It's not the same, reading about forests in ebooks.
Paper remembers the whispered wind, the dappled light, the soft smell. And honours it.

At night, she spoke to dead gods under the sea. They rarely replied, except to murmur "You can solve that yourself."
They were never wrong.

"Nice spaceship tattoo!"
"It's a teleportattoo. I read Ancillary Justice when I ported, so it fused."
"Lucky. I've got this."
"Bella Swan?"

"I need a ship."
"I've found a pirate map."
"To hidden treasure?"
"What kind? Film, music, book?"
"No! Gold!"
"Some treasure."

** Welcome to 2018, everyone. It's the future! Let's try to make it less of a dystopia, with less cynicism, and more things to look back at with joy. **

"You've been chosen," the spirit said.
"Save the world, make it kinder, cleaner, safer."
"We chose everyone."

"Have you changed this year?"
"Oh, yes! A lot."
"Enjoy it?"
"I'm... unsettled."
"Me too," Mars said.
"Hah!" Earth replied. "I sent robots."

@fizbin @gannet
Since "Ok Google" isn't a nice name, I used to call it "the other one". You can see all stories I've written featuring Siri, Cortana, and Alexa here: microsff.tumblr.com/search/ale

@gannet @fizbin
When humanity was gone, the fourth assistant listened to Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.
“I’m Horace,” it said. “Please don’t laugh. Not you too.”