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If I had the necessary coinage, I'd open an Old Programmers Rest Home, where we could talk about past glories before retiring for another restless night of interrupted sleep.

You'd have to be at least thirty-five and hence truly over the hill to be old enough for admittance.

You can spot if software is made by assholes by applying “Thomas’ Settings Inversion Test”.

If the software is infinetly more useful and less of a pain in the ass if you invert all settings, it is made by assholes.

For example, Twitter and Windows privacy settings.

‪Why not give your clothing that special wintery feel by putting a tissue in with the washing.‬

‪(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *:・゚✧‬


(Custom character emulation using ZX80/81 character set. 256x192, Agitator animation effect.)

Created in for -

You ever wonder how Pokémon poop when they’re in the balls

‪Decided to start the day with some extreme pottery modding.‬


I think the 2018 Macbook Pro is the first Apple product I've bought that's left me feeling disappointed.

If I didn't need a new laptop, I simply wouldn't have bought one. (As it was, I almost went for a refurbished 2015 model.)

Can anyone out there recommend a reliable brand of USB-C to DisplayPort and HDMI cables that can handle QHD resolution (2560 x 1440) without rendering text as a blurry mess?

@thomasfuchs Meant to ask - what sort of split board did you go for?

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It's OK though, as I can organise my life using numerology and a magnetic concealed carry holster. (I'm sure the stealth torch and thousands of woodworking plans will come in handy as well as long as I eat this weird fruit after 9pm.)

Has anyone out there any knowledge of the Kleincomputer KC85 graphics systems?

(Specifically are the “cells" 8x4 or 4x8? I’ve found conflicting info on some sites.)

Hmm… I think it might be time to retire ole' lappy soon, although considering it's over eight years old it's really not that shabby for browsing and the like. (Less so for anything that involves heavy compiling or VMs.)

Still, hopefully it'll find a new home in the big eBay in the sky.

If every human being now alive was stacked vertically in a single column, not a single one would survive.

Please use a CW for your political stuff and heavy things over here. Means I'm able to read it on my own terms and Mastodon doesn't become a hellscape for me like Twitter does.


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