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Hi! I'm Michael Lunsford, I'm a webcomic artist and writer, I also do illustration and character design.

🎨 Check out my art gallery: pulp-punk.tumblr.com
🖌 My art-only Mastodon: mastodon.art/@MikeLLunsford
👓 Read my webcomic: supernormalstep.com
💝 Support my work: patreon.com/MikeLLunsford

Today I'm trying to paint a beautiful castle at sunset which will mostly be covered up by two people boning down on a balcony.

I'm hungry, but also I'm in a pit of self-loathing, so all food sounds unappealing. So I'm just kind of sitting here, hungry, not motivated to fix the problem.

Sometimes I get distracted from work, and then I'm afraid to turn back to my work , because I forgot how much I got done and I don't want to be disappointed in myself.

I walked a bit more than usual yesterday and it seemed fine. Today I wake up and everything hurts and I'm exhausted.

I stressed out my shoulder and needed a break, so I caught up on Dragon Ball Super episodes I hadn't seen yet and cried multiple times. (To be fair, once was due to being reminded Bulma's voice actress died.)

Grocery Delivery: "We were out of Apple Juice so we brought you Orange Juice instead."

Me: "Yeah good call those are definitely both fruit, can't argue there."

I woke up with a headache feeling miserable and immediately ordered a pizza. I see how this day is going and I'm getting my comfort food before it gets worse.

Several times today I wanted to run off and have a stress cry. I wish I could just make time stop for a bit so I can have some peace.

I made a cooking mistake and now I know what my apt's smoke alarm sounds like.

hate days where I'm stressed out from work I need to get done which makes it harder to work and I get more stressed which makes it harder to work and I get more stressed which makes it harder to work and...

I get halfway through so many drawings and suddenly think "Wait this picture is incredibly boring, why am I drawing boring things?" and then never finish them.

"ugh it must be like 1 am by now, I should start going to sleep" *looks at clock, says 8:30 PM* "Oh nooooooo."

there's so many people with pets in this apt complex (dogs and cats) and almost all of the owners seem totally fine with keeping all their dogs off leash outside and I'm always scared something bad is going to happen.

My new “normal chucks” to wear when I don’t want to stress out my “weird chucks”

I sometimes forget how to start a drawing. Like "okay I have the pencil in my hand, what next?"

Whatever made me horribly ill last night is almost gone today thankfully. A little it of sickness left, but it looks like it's not sticking around!

something I ate I think made me real sick tonight. I hope this doesn't last long...

Last two days were so horribly unproductive that I made myself physically ill over the stress of not getting anything done. Today has been better though and I’m happy.

I have two custom designed pairs of shoes I love the look of, but their soles are worn down and aren't good for long walks anymore.

Bought new ones in the same style of shoe, just not custom so I won't worry about them getting worn down.

I finally realized my shoes were causing me problems while I do my daily 2 mile walk and bought new shoes.