Whatever happens, no God would want disruption of peace. Let's keep it that way.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has confirmed, in the National Crime Records Bureau’s accidental deaths and suicides in India report released on Friday, that 11,379 farmers died by suicide in India in 2016. This translates into 948 suicides every month, or 31 suicides every day.

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Guys, stay safe tomorrow.

Anyone in NCR who has apprehensions is most welcome to come over right now and stay with us.

We shall overcome!

Takes being in a foreign country to really appreciate how much of a monopoly Hindi-speaking North Indians claim over the Indian identity.

Remember the lives lost.
Remember the businesses lost.
Remember the jobs lost.
Remember the money lost.
Remember the despair and helplessness.

All to stroke the ego of one man.

Time for .

The fateful day when Indian economy was derailed. And modi is still blowing his own trumpet and busy managing headlines.
The dead are forgotten, the dying are ignored.
Indian economy is in shambles, Peenya one of the biggest industrial parks is seeing unprecedented slowdown. The only solution presented by the railing party is distraction.
Hope India finds strength to survive this period.

There is no DM option for android users on tusky
Any other apps around that solve the issue?


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